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Canceled Netflix Series Is Actually Coming Back

After a disappointing cancelation in 2022, Warrior Nun fans can rejoice as creator Simon Barry has confirmed the show's return. In an exciting post on social media, Barry also hinted at what the future holds for the series. "I'm happy to officially report that because of your combined voices, passion, and amazing efforts, Warrior Nun will return and is going to be more epic than you could imagine."

Billed as a fantasy drama series, Warrior Nun is based on the comic book character of the same name by Ben Dunn. The series premiered on Netflix in July 2020 and ran for two seasons. According to NME, the show achieved record-breaking audience ratings with its second outing. The second season also received a perfect score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, based on (only) 11 reviews.

Following the cancelation of Warrior Nun in December 2022, fans wasted no time launching a social media campaign advocating for the show's renewal and demanding a third season. Show creator Simon Barry has been a staunch supporter of the fan campaign from the very start, stating that the audience's response would ultimately determine the series' fate.

In January 2023, Barry heaped praise on Warrior Nun fans. "It really dominates the landscape. It just crystalized how lucky the show is to have this kind of fan engagement," he told Empire. "I do know from [Productivity Media], the people who own the rights, that their intention is to find a way to keep going." However, further details about the third season are currently unknown.

Warrior Nun revolves around a 19-year-old woman named Ava Silva (Alba Baptista), who wakes up in a morgue with a divine artifact embedded in her back. Ava soon discovers she has been chosen as the Halo-Bearer, a warrior nun with supernatural abilities. The Halo, embedded in her back, grants her enhanced strength, agility, and healing powers.

Ava becomes a member of the Order of the Cruciform Sword, an ancient secret society of warrior nuns dedicated to fighting demons on Earth. Led by Shotgun Mary (Toya Turner) and Mother Superior (Sylvia De Fanti), the Order battles evil forces while also facing internal struggles and conflicts. Throughout the series, Ava adapts to her new life, accepting her newfound powers and role as Halo-Bearer.

She also encounters a diverse group of allies, including the tech-savvy Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young), the intellectual Sister Lilith (Lorena Andrea), and the loyal soldier Sister Camila (Olivia Delcán).

The show is known for incorporating elements of religious mythology, as Warrior Nun draws her powers from divine sources. They also fight demons and other supernatural entities that threaten humanity.

Warrior Nun has been praised for its diverse cast, strong female characters, and unique blend of genres. It offers a mix of intense action, supernatural, and character-driven stories. However, it's worth noting that the Netflix series has received some negative reviews as some viewers felt it didn't fully deliver on its potential.

Others have criticized its pacing and lack of character development. Still, Warrior Nun has gained a dedicated fan base who will be thrilled with the news of its renewal. Interestingly, rumors suggest that Ben Dunn drew inspiration for his Warrior Nun from a true story he found in an article titled Black Belts and Blessings for East Harlem Nuns published in the New York Times.

The story recounted the experiences of a group of nuns belonging to the French Fraternity Notre Dame. In 1991, they were tasked with establishing a soup kitchen in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. However, due to the prevalent street crime, Sister Marie Chantal, the group's leader, pursued black belts in judo and taekwondo, with her colleagues following suit. The rumor remains unverified.

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